DECEMBER TOPIC: Move Well - VIDA Chiropractic Studio
Eat well - It Helps to Optimal body function.

Last month we talked about the importance of eating well for optimal body function. Exercise also plays a vital role in getting our bodies to their best form of functionality on a daily basis. Moving well is an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT to our bodies, just like vitamin C. Moving well helps your body express it’s amazing potential for great health.

When all joints in the body are moving the correct way, specific nerve receptors around the spine and extremity joints will fire and send messages to the brain, which then puts the brain in a rest and digest mode where health and healing can occur. This is exactly where we want our bodies to be. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most people. In order to get our bodies to function at this high of a level, we need to get rid of subluxations in the spine.

A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that doesn’t move properly and cuts off the nerve supply and interrupts the communication between the brain and the body. When this happens, the brain stops getting vitally important communication from the receptors surrounding the spine. The body must have this information to be in normally functioning state. The body to goes into fight or flight mode because of this stress. To correct this issue, the smartest thing to do is to reverse the subluxation causing the stress so the body can get back to functioning at its highest level.

After correcting subluxtions, physical movements (exercise, etc.) will give you the biggest bang for your buck because the brain will get a ton of input from all nerve receptors. There are a couple guidelines to follow when it comes to moving well during the week.

The first is called anaerobic exercise, which promotes strength, speed and power. This should be done two times a week and includes 6-8 minutes of working time. For example, this will consist of 30 seconds at a time of high intensity cardio within a 6-8 minute time frame.

The second is strengthening exercises. This includes resistance and strength training and should be done two to three times a week to build muscle and anaerobic endurance.

The third is aerobic exercise. This will strengthen the heart and lungs and includes any prolonged exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, cycling, etc. Aerobic exercise should be done every day for a minimum of thirty minutes, but preferably an hour or more.

The last is spinal hygiene exercises, which should be performed every day. This will help with your overall spinal health and help keep your spine moving through it’s full range of motion. Along with chiropractic care, these will help maintain proper spinal function and will make your daily exercise routines easier.

Moving well is essential when it comes to your health, just like eating well. There is one more piece to the wellness puzzle and next month we will talk about Thinking Well. Join us here to read the blog, and follow us on Facebook (VIDA Chiropractic Studio) and Instagram (@vidachiropracticstudio) for more tips and tricks for health and healing.