FEBRUARY TOPIC: Think Well - VIDA Chiropractic Studio
Mind get Grateful

Many of you have heard the phrase “attitude with gratitude.” The art of thinking well is literally keeping our minds in that state of being grateful. Eating, moving and thinking well are all necessary pieces of the wellness puzzle and are all needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In order to keep ourselves “thinking well,” we must be mindful of what we are doing each and every day. Focusing on the one thing you are doing in that very moment will keep your mind in a relaxed state. When I say to think of one thing at a time, I really mean ONE thing. For example, if you are washing dishes, think about the water flowing over the plate or the cloth scrubbing. Don’t think about all the things needing to be accomplished that day. Meditation can be easy and can happen all the time if you are following this simple step. Being present in what you are doing will result in a more peaceful state and will reduce stress levels.

Another step in thinking well is being thankful. Find magic moments throughout your day. Whether it be thankfulness for a huge job promotion you got at work or just the clerk at the gas station giving you a big smile and telling you to have a great day. Being aware of the small things along with the big things during the day will bring relaxation and happiness.

Mediation is something that should be done at least twenty minutes every day. It helps promote a state of calm, happiness, increases lifespan, alters brain structure and changes personality. People meditate in many different forms. A few examples include listening to music, journaling, prayer, taking a bath, etc. It is important for mental health and ease to find twenty minutes during your routine to take the time and just be with yourself.

It is important to use all three pieces of the wellness puzzle: eating, moving and thinking well during your week to achieve optimal health. Keeping the body in a relaxed state will help in your day to day life, making activities easier.

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