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Supplements You Need

It seems people have been turning toward taking daily supplements for preventative measures instead of taking medications to cover up symptoms. Although turning away from medications is a step in the right direction, it is easy to over supplement yourself by taking supplements your body does not really need.

There is a ton of information out there about what supplements you should take for certain symptoms. But we are here to debug that information for you and inform you of the only supplements our body needs for optimal function.

First, we all need to be taking a fish oil. Fish oil is a huge form of Omega 3 fatty acids and our body needs the proper amount for optimal neurological function. When our ancestors from around the world had to hunt for their food, they were eating every part of the game that was hunted-including organ tissue like the brain and the liver. This is why our DNA needs Omega 3’s as an essential nutrient. In today’s world, it seems weird and not appetizing to be eating a brain or a liver from an animal for dinner. This is why just taking a fish oil supplement is the best option to get the correct amount of Omega 3 fatty acids our bodies need.

Second, we all need to be taking a probiotic to promote good gut bacteria. Our gut has a mix of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria are what helps us fight infection, aids digestion, absorbs nutrients, and neutralizes toxicity from harmful substances. Probiotics are needed today because things actually were not as clean or washed in the past as they are now and there was more exposure to bacteria. So, probiotics are needed for our society because our body’s genes are based on that type of environment.

Third, we need to be taking a Vitamin D supplement. We all know that the best form of Vitamin D is from natural sunlight. However, we don’t get enough in a day to support our bodies. Vitamin D is so important and is an essential nutrient for EVERYONE.

Finally, we need to all be taking an organic multivitamin. We can get enough nutrients from our diets not to have to take a multivitamin; however, it is extremely hard and most times unlikely to get all the necessary nutrients through our food, which is why we recommend taking one multivitamin daily.

When looking for a multivitamin, or any supplement, be sure you read the ingredients so you know what you are buy and putting in your body. A lot of companies sell supplements that are synthetic and carcinogenic, which causes cancer. As far as an organic multivitamin, there is only one on the market, Innate Choice, made by Dr. Chestnut. We offer this brand of supplements in the office because we want our patients to only have the best when it comes to what is going in their body.

It is just as important to not over supplement our bodies as it is to heal our bodies naturally without turning to medications. Following these simple steps for supplement use will help you feel better and not worry about what you actually need to be taking to improve your health.