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The very first chiropractic adjustment was performed by D.D. Palmer, the founder of the chiropractic profession in 1895. He gave the first adjustment to his janitor, Harvey Lillard on September 18. Harvey had been partially deaf for 17 years. Harvey had said that 17 years prior, he was hunched over in a stooping position when he heard something in his spine pop, causing him not to hear for years to come. When D.D. Palmer adjusted him, Mr. Lillard’s hearing was completely restored just days after that first adjustment. This amazing discovery kick started the path to what chiropractic is now.

Chiropractic work is not something to only help get rid of pain. It is meant to enhance your neurological function. Our nervous system controls, coordinates and heals every aspect of our bodies. When we have no issues with our spine, our bodies will be in great working order and our bodies will perform at their highest level of functioning. However, if there is a misalignment, that causes interference with the brain to body communication leading to ramifications as far as pain and our overall health.

There are nerve receptors along our spine, in our extremities and anywhere there is a joint called muscle spindles. These send information from our body to our brain and charge the brain for optimal function. When everything is working properly, our bodies are in a rest and digest mode, meaning it’s in the most relaxed state where healing can occur. However, when there is a subluxation (a slight misalignment on the spine) interfering with that communication, the spindles will not fire at their full potential and won’t be able to give information back to the brain 100%. This will cause a misfire that will not charge the brain battery the same way, causing a transfer of incorrect information. This miscommunication will lead to a state of “dis-ease”, or a lack of functioning, which then leads to “dis-funtion”, leading to many different symptoms you may feel like neck pain, headaches, low back pain or a large array of unwanted health conditions.

Chiropractic heals the body from the inside out; making sure the nervous system is working properly, and in turn, helping the body function at its most optimal place.