Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Denver CO

A vertebral subluxation is defined as a spinal bone that has lost its posture position and ability to move properly, which then interferes with nerve communication from the brain to the body and vise versa. This causes soreness of close nerve tissue surrounding the spine and can show up as back pain or neck pain. When the woman’s body is going through changes during pregnancy, these changes can irritate or even cause a subluxation.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through drastic changes from the time of conception to the time of giving birth. As the stomach grows outward, it pulls the lumbar spine (lower back) along with it, which causes the mid back and shoulders to shift backwards to counteract. This then causes the head and neck to slant forward. Along with the body shifting under gravity, the hormones produced by a mother’s body, helps the spine handle these changes by loosening the surrounding connective tissues. It is safe to say if there were any problems existing before pregnancy, they will be intensified as pregnancy moves along due to the constant changes. Because of all of these transformations, it is important to get your spine, pelvis and nervous system checked out by your chiropractor.

Regular chiropractic work will help with the transitions of pregnancy and in restoration of the nervous system. When the nervous system is functioning properly and the muscles are in a balanced place, the pelvis and the hips can separate the way they are supposed to during labor, resulting quicker labor times. Chiropractic adjustments will ease the pain of pregnancy and help give clear and crisp communication from the nervous system to the reproductive organs and womb so the body is sure all development is happening when it needs to be.

Everyone wants to have a smooth pregnancy and labor.  If you are pregnant or know of someone who is, make an appointment for a thorough spinal examination with your chiropractor to see how they can help with your subluxations.