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The central nervous system lives inside the brain and the spinal cord. It controls all the body’s and mind’s functions. The nervous system is what helps the brain send messages to the body and vice versa. This communication is sent via the spinal cord then to all parts of the body. Because the spine plays such a major role in the brain to body communication process, it is so important to keep your spine healthy throughout your life.

When a part of your spine gets misaligned, it is called a subluxation. When a subluxation is present, this puts pressure on your nerves that are trying to communicate with your body, causing the body to not function the way it’s supposed to. A subluxtion can make itself known in many ways including headaches, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, balance issues, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in extremities, low energy and more.

The main goal of your chiropractor is to correct subluxations in the spine to rid patients of their symptoms so they can live an active and healthy life. A chiropractor uses their hands to apply controlled pressure to subluxated parts of the spine. A chiropractic adjustment is not painful and most importantly addresses the root of the problem. An adjustment will help take pressure off the nerves and allow the body to heal and function at its full potential.

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