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The bones in the neck make up what is called the cervical spine. There are seven vertebrae in that part of the spine that support the weight of the head, which is approximately twelve pounds. The cervical spine can move the head in almost every direction, making it very susceptible to pain and injury. Neck pain can also be associated with shoulder pain and numbness and tingling in the arms and hands.  Activities that may affect the cervical spine include extended sitting, repetitive movements, normal aging, every day wear and tear, accidents and falls.

Motor vehicle accidents and physical trauma are among some of the most common causes for neck pain and whiplash. A whopping 93% of patients with chronic whiplash pain who have failed other forms of treatment improve with chiropractic care.  However, if left untreated, 50% of people in motor vehicle accidents may develop a lifetime of pain. A study done by Yale shows that an impact as little as 8.2 miles per hour or higher can cause significant injury. Symptoms may take several days to show up after an accident. So, even if there is no pain right away, it’s always a good idea to get an evaluation by a chiropractor. Proper care of your injuries in a timely fashion is vital as the estimated incidence of chronic pain from whiplash trauma is 15-40%.

A neck adjustment is a detailed procedure to the joints in the neck done by hand. It improves mobility of the cervical spine and restores range of motion. With the high percentages of chronic neck pain and whiplash, it is important to be on the “right” side of that percentage and get checked out at VIDA Chiropractic Studio. Please give us a call or schedule online to reserve your first appointment!