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Drug-Free Headache Pain Relief Treatment with Chiropractic Care in Denver

If your car’s check engine light is on, you don’t slap a sticky note over it—you visit the mechanic to find out what’s wrong. If headaches are your body’s check engine light—painkillers are sticky notes. They may provide temporary pain relief, but can't resolve the root causes. Get answers and lasting headache relief treatment with chiropractic care. Denver chiropractor Dr. Scott Evans’ drug-free headache treatment directly addresses headache causes through spinal adjustment and lifestyle changes that reduce and even eliminate headaches. Schedule an appointment today: (303) 433-5433.

What Causes Tension Headaches?

Tension headaches and migraines have similar causes. Our Denver chiropractor can find and eliminate these causes so you can enjoy lasting, natural, drug free headache pain relief and wellness:

  • Poor Posture—Do you often look down at your phone, slouch at your desk, or sleep in awkward neck positions? These things cause soft tissue strain, tension and vertebral subluxations that pinch nerves responsible for headaches and migraines.
  • Stress—Stress complicates posture, hormonal and nutritional imbalances that can cause headaches.
  • Injury—Headaches are a major symptom of whiplash, a common neck injury from sports and car accidents.
  • Nutritional and Other Imbalances—Dehydration, irregular sleep habits, toxin exposure and poor nutrition also exacerbate headaches.

If stress, injury, diet, lack of sleep, dehydration or posture problems cause your headaches, painkillers aren’t going to help.

Denver Chiropractor Provides Drug-Free Headache Treatment

Chiropractic care and lifestyle changes, however, can reliably provide drug free headache pain relief treatment that really lasts and helps you experience improved wellness. Your Denver chiropractor will discuss your symptoms and evaluate your spinal alignment to diagnose any subluxations that could cause headaches. Chiropractic adjustment and posture correction releases irritated nerves to provide lasting headache relief.

Dr. Evans will also discuss aspects of your lifestyle that might impact your headache attacks. He will teach you how to hold your mobile device correctly to avoid neck strain and can treat hidden cases of whiplash injury that may stem from a low-impact car accident years ago. He can also recommend nutritional and other lifestyle changes that will help.

Visit the Chiropractor Denver Relies on for Natural Headache Relief

In addition to chiropractic adjustment, your Denver chiropractor will help you make other lifestyle changes that can further reduce your headache attacks and improve your overall health and wellness. Schedule an appointment at Vida Chiropractic Studio today: (303) 433-5433.

Headache Pain Q&A

What causes headaches and migraines?

Headaches are the leading cause of both missed days from work and school, according to the National Headache Foundation. They are most common among women, who account for 70% of all headache sufferers. Some 20% of children and adolescents are also afflicted with significant headache disorders. Headaches are the result of chemical activity in the brain, nerves, blood vessels that surround the skull, or muscles of the head and neck. Such chemical activity can be triggered by a wide array of causes from stress to poor posture.

What are the different types of headaches?

Headaches are classified by their symptoms. The most common types are:

  • Tension headaches, characterized by a bilateral pressing or tightening pain.
  • Migraine headaches, which cause an intense unilateral throbbing and can be accompanied by nausea and sometimes ocular disturbances, called aura. In addition, migraines they can last from several hours to several days, or longer.
  • Cluster headaches, named as such because they occur in a cycle or “cluster,” can last from weeks up to a couple of months. Cluster headache pain typically impacts just one side of the head.

How does Dr. Evans address headache pain?

Dr. Evans begins with a complete examination to diagnose the source of each patient’s headache pain. If it’s the result of any type of misalignment in the cervical spine, as is often the case, he will make appropriate spinal adjustments to address the underlying cause. Most often these adjustments are based on his detailed examination of the patient’s x-rays. In addition, Dr. Evans may offer home exercises or ergonomic recommendations to prevent future headaches.

What is the benefit of addressing headache pain with chiropractic techniques?

Chiropractic techniques are proven to be highly effective in relieving headache pain and preventing them from returning. This is because, unlike medications, chiropractic approaches address the underlying cause of pain, rather than simply and temporarily covering up symptoms.

Have Questions about Relieving Headache Pain? We Have Answers.

We are here to help you live a life without daily pains, all new Patients receive a free consultation. Call us at (303) 433-5433

Have Questions about Relieving Headache Pain? We Have Answers.

We are here to help you live a life without daily pains, all new Patients receive a free consultation. Call us at (303) 433-5433

New Patients Receive A Complimentary Consultation and Exam ($300 Value)